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About five oclock the lady of the house came to see us, saying, she had not been in big viginas wet all night, because a cousin OBrien of hers, whose ancestors had owned that house, had desired her to stay with him in his chamber, and that he big viginas wet at two oclock; and she said, I wish you to have had no disturbance, for tis the custom of the place, that when any of the family are dying, the shape of a woman appears every night in the window until they be dead. This woman was many ages ago got with child by the owner of this place, who murdered her in his garden, and flung her into the river under the window; but truly I thought not of it when I lodged you here, it being the best room in the house. We made little reply to her speech, but disposed ourselves to be gone suddenly. As Gillian entered with two of the maidens of her mistresss household, they removed the Lady Eveline, by Roses directions, into a chamber at some distance which the latter had occupied, and placed big viginas wet in one of their beds, where Rose, dismissing the others Gillian excepted to seek repose where they could find it, continued to watch her mistress. big viginas wet some time she continued very much disturbed, but, gradually, fatigue, and the influence of some narcotic which Gillian had sense enough to recommend and prepare, seemed to compose her spirits. She fell into a deep slumber, from which she did not awaken until the sun was high over the distant hills.
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